Was it Party Central?

Photo by Marla Prusik on Unsplash

Have you moved out of home into the vast unknown world of flat / apartment dwelling?

Or, do you remember when you took that first, giant, trembling step of moving from the safety of the family home into your very first flat or sharehouse?

This experience…

What do remember, to this day?

Photo by Denis Chick on Unsplash

Have you been on an amazing railway, that totally took your breath away, with lovingly restored steam locomotives, carriages which took you back in time, towering bridges and heritage railway stations?

If you have, has this railway brought back memories of your childhood?


Signs that show that something might be going on …

Photo by Clem Onojeghu on Unsplash

Are there neighbours of yours who aren’t quite right?

Are they displaying elusive, odd behavior that maybe a dodgy, “tax-free” business is being operated?

Do they seem oblivious that their behavior is mind-bogglingly obvious?

My family and I had our…

How to Navigate the Hurt

Photo by Obie Fernandez on Unsplash

Have you been cut off by a family member?

Have your attempts at reconciliation been ignored, with emails and texts going unanswered?

It is one of the worst types of hurt.

Unfortunately, this occurred to my family last year. A member of our family, to…

Things your parents are clueless about even today…

Photo by Will on Unsplash

Have you done things behind your parents’ back?

When I was 14, I often had friends (male) over for sleepovers, like a lot of teenage boys do.

It wasn’t long before we decided that, during sleepovers, why don’t we “snuck” out at…

Mark Kleimann

I am a freelance writer, sharing life experience and how to overcome life’s obstacles

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