Did you do Sneaky things as a Teenager?

Mark Kleimann
3 min readJan 2, 2022

Things your parents are clueless about even today…

Photo by Will on Unsplash

Have you done things behind your parents’ back?

When I was 14, I often had friends (male) over for sleepovers, like a lot of teenage boys do.

It wasn’t long before we decided that, during sleepovers, why don’t we “snuck” out at 11:45pm to go to a distant service station, to buy an ice block, to see if we could?

So, one balmy summer night, during school holidays, Operation Escape 1 was put into action…

The clock clicked over to 11:45pm, and the crickets chirped loudly outside, masking our footsteps. My friend and I tiptoed silently out of my bedroom, into the hall. We heard my father snoring in my parents’ bedroom, meaning that the coast was clear. We knew that my mother was also sleeping.

We were at the entrance to the kitchen, when my friend stepped onto a creaky floorboard. We froze. We listened. Dad’s snoring continued. Good.

We crept through the kitchen, silently lifting the house keys off their hook.

Next was the challenge of unlocking the back door, which we managed with minimal noise.

Now we were outside, in the warm Melbourne summer night. Ahead lay our driveway, with the open window of my parent’s bedroom to the right. We sneaked silently past, with my father’s snoring continuing.

Soon we were out of the driveway and past the front gate, and on our way to Station Street, our path to our destination, the BP service station at Doncaster, 1.5km away.

It was a safer time than today. Traffic on the road was light at that time of night, and we weren’t passed by a single police car during our journey.

Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash

We walked past the large Westfield Doncaster shopping centre, well-lit but silent at that time of night, and were soon at our destination. Ice-blocks were purchased, and we were soon on our journey home, chatting about the things that teenage boys do (movies… girls).



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