There is No Excuse for Violence

Mark Kleimann
4 min readApr 3, 2022

How do we tell ourselves to stop before we act?

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Wow! The 2022 Oscars will be remembered as always for many reasons. Some of us will want to catch a glimpse of our favourite actors or film and hopefully see our heroes win or take out a Golden Globe.

My wife, who is in her mid 40s, and usually watches the highlights from the Oscars on the news, watched it for the very first time from start to finish. Sadly, she got more than she bargained for.

She particularly loves Dame Judi Dench, one of her favourite actors, hoping that she would take out a Golden Globe for her movie Belfast, Unfortunately, she missed out this time, but graciously laughed off a joke with Regina Hall, one of the hosts.

Sadly, the Oscars 2022 took on an unexpected turn from another of her favourite actors. The Oscars were rolling along in all their glory until comedian Chris Rock, also one of her favourite actors, made a tasteless joke about another actor’s wife. What followed was an act of an individual’s impulse directed at the comedian on stage that stunned us all. My wife later related to me out loud “My God, Will Smith has just slapped Chris in the face in front of his peers, and indeed, millions watching around the world!”

The rest is history, and has been described since by many, including on this platform, as one the lowest points in the Oscars’ history.

She couldn’t believe that the audience laughed when Chris said: “Will Smith has just slapped the shit out of me!”

My wife’s interpretation

Maybe they didn’t realise what had just transpired up on stage, but my wife realised it right away, as it happened. This was not in the script.

It is astonishing that not one person came to Chris’s aid, nor stopped Will striding up onto the stage to start with. Maybe it was so unexpected, there was no time time to do anything. She thought that Will Smith was going to say something to Chris, to perhaps cut it out and stop, then walk back to his seat and sit down, not slap him across the face.

She thought that everyone was unprepared for what was about to happen.

Was Chris Rock out of Line?



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